Could Dropping Temperatures be Affecting Your Tire Pressure?

Young woman checking pressure and inflating car tires.

It has happened to all of us.

You turn your car on in the morning and that dreaded “Low Tire Pressure” light is gleaming at you from the dashboard. Your initial reaction could be that if you don’t hurry to your mechanic, your tires will deflate in the midst of your daily commute. But did you know that more often times than not, especially as the seasons begin to change, your tire pressure light turns on due to the change in weather?

This problem could be resolved very quickly.

First, check the adjustment of the air in your tires, which can be done at a local gas station or local mechanic. Note: There should not be a charge to check your tire pressure at a mechanic shop. Because it is colder in the morning, this may be the initial cause of your light turning on. Your Tire Pressure System could be detecting that air has decreased in the tire due to the drop in temperature. Once you begin to drive your car throughout the day you may notice the tires will heat up and falsely boost your tire pressure, but then the next day the light is back on. Not to worry! Once you properly inflate your tires with air, the light will turn off.

If your tire pressure light has still not turned off, give us a call at M3 Collision and we will fix your car right up! We will assess your vehicle and give you the best price for what you need to drive in peace, and we’ll get that pesky light turned off.

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